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March 2022, we will see if one story can do some good.

Will you support a project where you get nothing in return? All I ask is for your time to read this entire article right to the very bottom.

Like you, I have read articles on Medium that end with a link to a writer's Substack subscription page or perhaps to…

How the fuck do you like that title? It Scored a 35 on Headline Studio!

Back on August 23, 2021, I published an article in which I stated after 6 months I would donate ALL funds from the article to a charity.

I guess there is a wrong way and a right way to do something nice.

Leave it to me to do it the…

I assume it must be, and they have announced the whiners.

I entered an article in the contest. My topic was death.

I published it on August 10th. Then do you know what I did?

I moved on. Actually, I forgot all about the contest. …

Can One Written Story Change Many Lives? — Update #1

This certainly isn't turning into the feel-good story I was hoping for.

Back on August 23, 2021, I wrote an article with one hope. To have it gain traction and make some good money for a deserving charity in early 2022.

It was even “chosen”.

Update for today October 12th… $8.37.


My ask was simple.

Will you support a project where…

Time is one commodity we cannot increase.

Somewhere deep in the wilderness of Madison County.

It is October 8, 2021, at 9:57 AM local time.

I just finished a bowl of Cheetos for breakfast, followed by 15 seconds of Yoga that I completed while putting my cereal bowl away in the upper cupboard.

This is the first time since September 22 that I have sat…

The increased source of fiber helped me be more regular.

Plan A.

“You need to eat more fiber, the doctor said,” looking at my chart. “It will help your digestive system.” “But I don’t want to eat more fiber. I am a meat lover, not a fiber lover,” I replied.

“Well, you need to figure out how to get more fiber into…

Consider this a welcome memo from Fuck Head #1

Starting tomorrow, September 20, 2021, I am taking a firmer stance.

I consider myself to be easygoing in the running of Fuck Niches. That was kind of the point. You, the writers, put in some effort and I don’t have to be a dick.

My rules are simple.

I don’t…

I will help you set yourself up for “success”. — FYI These are air quotes as I use the term loosely.

Success — the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. (

It’s story time.

Gather round friends.

Tonight's story is all about our hero, Jason, and his harrowing defeat of the Fiverr dragon monster guy.

Once upon a time in a land far, far away know as Canada, our hero Jason is eating a…

As much as I complain about Fiverr, the numbers like Shakira’s hips don’t lie.

First, I wrote a story about how I Got My First Sale on Fiverr, and Now I Walk With a Limp where I essentially compared working on Fiverr to jail love.

Second, I wrote a story all about Fiverr, and it's the never-ending supply of fucking spam sandwiches it seems…

Move over COVID-19 there is a new pandemic in town.

So I’m 43. I will be 44 in February. I’m in relatively decent shape. I play hockey. I golf. I walk almost daily. I watch what I eat.

But yet…

I woke up in a ball of sweat.

2:15 AM — Sept 13

The house was cool from the air coming in from an open…


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