Make your writing a little more BAAAAD-ASS! — I know, I’m sorry…

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When most people think of a GOAT they either think of a cute and cuddly (but annoying as crap) animal that they see at the zoo or at a farm or the more boastful but equally annoying acronym G.O.A.T.

Greatest Of All Time

We see this term making the rounds in different sports, music, and pretty much anything else that involves celebrities. It’s considered praise when given by others and considered boastful when self-proclaimed.

But what about the other G.O.A.T. The one we all need to be using in our writing. …

Response Letter Contest

How low do you think I can go? This is my life, not a Limbo.

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Dear Scott,

I hope that we still have a lifetime together, but as you said, it’s a dangerous world and warfarin is surprisingly cheap and easy to find; you know… for the rats.

It means the world to me you want me to be happy, and that you’re even ok with me remarrying.

I read and reread your list of “requests” a few times over, trying to decide on whether to respond to let you know how I feel about them.

I settled on brutal honesty and have decided to let you know point-blank why some of your requests are…

Get your start-up running on all cylinders.

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Trying to get a new start-up up and running can be hard. Keeping it running can be an even greater task. You end up juggling so many balls at once, wearing far too many hats, and have to become a jack of all trades, master of none.

Especially if you are a solopreneur, which many new start-ups are, it can be extremely daunting.

so·lo·pre·neur — /ˌsōlōprəˈnər

Noun: solopreneur; plural noun: solopreneurs — a person who sets up and runs a business on their own.

If you’re a solopreneur, like me, then here are 5 valuable tips when building your new…

Response to prompt: Simple Beauty (thanks to Spyder)

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Beautiful Things

We’re surrounded by beauty, it’s everywhere.
But most of us miss it, walking round in a stare.

All of life's little treasures, the simplest joys.
The things that made us happy as girls and boys.

Like the way that a raindrop dances on the glass.
Or playing hide and seek, with the kids from class.

The way flowers smell, as you roll down the hill.
Or the smell of a pie, cooling out on the sill.

Curling up with a book, in front of the fire.
Or the sound of card in the spokes of our tire.

As we bike…

Tuesday March 30: Bright-Eyed and Bushy-Tailed

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Bright Eyes

The day you were born, I could see the light;
Shine from your eyes, it was oh so bright.

No shadows of doubt, about things unknown;
Just a bright curiosity, that now has grown.

Even greater and brighter, through all that you’ve seen;
Still learning and loving, through your eyes that gleam.

With a hope and curiosity, that the world can change;
Become better for all, get rearranged.

When I look into your eyes, I can clearly see;
That you will drive the change, help the world to be.

A better place. No more pain.

Help bring the sunshine, after…


A little bit poetry, a little bit rap

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  • Found this scribbled on an old note pad from my early 20’s when I was into rap/hip hop. Not done, no plans to finish it but here you go…


From the dark depths of the deepest valley;
A lyrical genius is working madly.
Putting down pen onto his pad he;
Spits out his rhymes like he is chanting.
Ranting, rhyming, spitting, shinning;
Leaves you speechless like a mute man miming.
For you get going better check your timing;
For you get started better stop your whining.
For you get going let me stop you there;
Pick you right up and drop you there.
Open up your eyes man don’t be…

We’ve really fucked this place up

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Fuck this world we live in,
It’s a huge piece of shit.

So much hate, so much anger,
Burnt bridges, causing a split.

Between religions and races,
Because of the look of our faces.

Why in the fuck does it matter,
What color we are…

Or who we call God.

Does it really matter what sex we are,
Or what sex we’re in love with?

Give me a fucking nod!

Fuck it all, it’s all bullshit,
It’s old fucking news.

It’s time to move forward,
It’s time to freshen our views.

Countries all around the world,
Worry more about terrorists.

4 skills learned over a 14-year career you can start using today

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From 2005 to 2019, I honed my skills as a Project Manager in the construction industry. During that time I ran hundreds of millions of dollars worth of work, typically with 3–7 active projects at any one time. Several of the skills I’ve learned over the years have become an important part of my personal and professional life.

1. Budgeting

”If we command our wealth, we shall be rich and free. If our wealth commands us, we are poor indeed.”– Edmund Burke

Growing up, they taught me one lesson about money.

“Money doesn't grow on trees.”

“But dad, money is paper and…

So I’m going to do it. You can then apply them to or remove them from your life and business.

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This tweet that I sent the morning of March 20th was the starting point for this entire article. As you can see, the engagement has been huge on this one (over 5%).


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